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I went to the RNC some time ago, quite some time! (Why do we say ‘some’ to mean a lot when we talk about time but just a little bit when talking about other things?) While the Maine Massacre  had happened I was in Maine sitting on a lakeknowing exactly zero about the madness of the Mainerds (“spelling?” I had to write that if I thought I may have misspelled something in school; school likes to reward those who are scared about being wrong instead of hopeful in being right) in Tampa. When I came back to the lovely mugginess of Florida I had to check out the main event. I was planning on selling some shirts with “OMG WTF” on them, the “O” was an Obama symbol.

a friend wearing a friendly shirt

But Will got stuck in traffic and behind streets that were closed down by armies of bicycle cops. I sat on a concrete barrier and looked at the people around me. Then I wrote this on my phone: Read the rest of this entry »


CRANES (And look how beautiful the Frost Building is)

Austin, Texas is something else. I tell you what. It’s an oasis of indie film and music and technology companies in the middle of shotguns and cow poo. It has the freedom of hipster youth without being annoying. The hipsters are nicer as well. If you’ve ever seen Richard Linklater‘s Slacker then you know the kind of hip-star I’m talking about.

Austin - Kyle and Will

Scientific Swag

I met my friend Will (who I assisted in launching RepAssured earlier this year) here for South by Southwest (SXSW), a mega-festival containing a music festival, film festival, and interactive conference. He came from Tampa, FL on the Startup Bus. It’s a 72 hour business competition. You get on a bus, form a team, and prepare to pitch your business venture capitalists. I went with him last year and it was a great time. It’s amazing how much a small group of focused people can accomplish under extreme time constraints. It’s Parkinson’s Law in action:

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. Read the rest of this entry »

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