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We kill faith every time we demand it of something that isn’t there. Religious institutions are built on demanding you believe things for now reason. I’m not even sure what happened in my own head last week but these people try to tell me I should believe their account of what happened in some guy’s head thousands of years ago. “It’s obviously true if you just take the leap of faith! Then you’ll truly see the glory of My Golden Calf.” The one thing that is blasphemy is my own experience. _____ forbid I have faith in my own Seeing. Buddha said the only thing you should trust is your own experience of life. Then they built golden statues of fat-face Buddha representing his own experience. Sure, it’s a picture of what experience could be, but it’s awfully hard to hold yourself in esteem while kissing a golden foot. “Burn the Buddha!”, is what I always say this once.

respecting your experience even if you can’t respect yourself

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Some go to Church to hang out with God and get the God-awe. It’s a weekly filling of any God-shaped holes made from a week of ungodliness. It’s a recharge-reboot-reaim at heaven time. Sometimes I get a Universe-shaped hole that looks an awful lot like the ones of the godly variety. Here are some people who show us beautiful things: Read the rest of this entry »

It’s spooky to think of the worlds other people live in. Like those people scream at Justin Biebler. Or the ice cream man who smiles too big. Or the weirdo who wrote this shit. Or the psychotic. Your autistic cousin. An infant. Usually they scare me because they deny reason. They refuse to believe things demonstrated for them.

Mr Justin Biebler. (I'm just jealous BTW envy-ho!)

It’s easier to believe in unbelievable things when other people do. Or when an authority/expert tells you too. How else could we believe that a former Professor of Constitutional Law could pass the NDAA?

Sometimes it’s nice to read a very old book. Because if it’s old enough and the authors are dead enough then they got to be right! Some Muslims believe that they need to kill everyone else in order to go to heaven and take 72 of their chosen ones with them. It’s even more spooky, at least one more unit of spook, to think that they think I’m crazy for not thinking that. Anyone we could talk to would agree that it’s just absurd to think that you can go to heaven and take 72 people with you if you murder a bunch of people and yourself.
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Throughout history religion has been the cause and excuse for more bloodshed than anything else.  To be truly religious requires blind faith.

In most instances I think this faith is a negative.  It is this kind of blind faith in leaders that has led us to the shit show that is the state of US politics/economics/morality.  Blind faith allows suicide bombers to justify their actions.  Blind faith allows any religion to demand anything of their followers.  This kind of blind faith is a powerful force.  Faith allows a person to continue on in some direction no matter what obstacles they encounter.  That is why I think so many people thank God for their accomplishments.  Of course they wouldn’t be able to achieve any real success without the assistance of some great entity.  There are very few people in the world who can find this kind of faith in themselves, in humanity.

Faith is generally a good thing.  You need to be able to have complete faith in your ability to attain and attract what you want or you won’t get it.  But things get dangerous when you don’t understand your faith, when someone else directs your faith.

So Religious faith

+ can provide the extra umph needed

– isn’t always (or usually) directed properly


This is one of the funnier bumper stickers I see on the road.  Usually, the person driving the car hates both men and Christians.  Beyond that, it sticks Muslims, Christians, and Jews all together and says, “Get along.”  Any good Christian knows that he has chosen the righteous path and knows that all others are destined for hell.  Any good Muslim following the Koran knows he must rid the world of infidels.  And every man knows that he’ll be destroyed upon marriage.  The ultimate irony here is that the same faith in religion (you know, the kind that doesn’t require critical thinking) is the same faith used to believe that these religions could coexist.

This sticker is just another example of people’s fantastical beliefs in physical form.  This same departure from reality is linked to entitlement issues in the US.  “Everyone deserves health care” is something only somebody refusing to ask “why?” or “how?” could say.  The same question obviously was not asked when designing this bumper sticker.

This is a paper I wrote for my class “American Religious History” explaining why America is not and has never been a Christian nation.  I mainly use our founding documents, but also bring in the founding fathers and current laws to help make the point.  Enjoy.


The United States is not and has never been a Christian nation.  Of course one could argue the opposite using a plethora of definitions and requirements of “Christian nation.”  I will argue that these alternatives are insubstantial and impractical.  Then I will argue for a more proper and practical working definition.  Using this definition and its requirements I will show the United States to be substantially different than a Christian nation.  The founding documents and our peculiar version of religious diversity will be brought to aid me in this.  I use our founding documents, American law, and the early diversity of Christian denominations to support my arguments.
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