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thank you, amazon

Most business books should be lengthy blog posts, not books. But nobody will pay for a book and if you said, “I blogged my ideas based on research we did” you would get laughed at. I love business books, they have great ideas in them, but the authors feel like they need to write a big stack of shit about it for the idea to be worth anything. And, in many people’s eyes, they’re right

That’s what happened with Carol S. Dweck’s Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. A little bit anyway. It has a great idea

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public broadcasting, deprogramming to reprogram, teenage vampire enthusiasts

I’m so brainwashed that I think about Snooki. She serves as an explanation for every poofy-haired girl with hoopy earings and a face of oral fixation I’ve ever seen. Even though the hair is probably Gwyn Stefani. Holla-back girl! I’m so brainwashed I think happiness can be found in a study. I’m so brainwashed I start to believe the news whole-heartedly after watching it for five minutes. I can talk about a news headline for a full day.

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life is the universal default

I was laying on the floor in my mother’s apartment with bloodshot eyes when the answer to life hit me: just kill myself! It made perfect sense logically – life is terrible, so just stop doing it. (Oh the raging hormones of a depressed twenty-something!) I laid there with the inescapable Answer but it didn’t feel quite right. I knew something was askew. I was depressed and everything was terrible and the last nice thing I thought to myself was, “Good job, you took a shower today!” That had been three days prior.

There is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide. – Albert Camus

It seems like the answer to that question is in every breath taken, meal eaten.

Sometimes life fails us and we need to end it. End the experience.

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This movie was awesome in every way.  Sam Rockwell kicks ass.  Mise en scene is always spot-on. (Spoilers start now.)   Kevin Spacey is a robot – and isn’t the bad guy (surprise!)  For a while the story violently twisted me into thinking one thing and then another.  When we finally get slammed with the big news that Sam Bell is actually not Sam Bell but instead just a clone with pre-made memories we seriously care about this dude.  The biggest achievement of the movie in my opinion is that it is intellectually stimulating while keeping a fairly quick pace.

It’s a kickass look at the question, “Do you own your genes?”  THE Sam Bell has had himself cloned into a bunch of bodies that last three years on the moon base.  The original Sam got a tidy sum of money for his genes to provide a never ending supply of labor on the moon.  He basically put 100s of his clones into slave labor forever.  This clones believe they’re him and that they’re going home three years after they awake.  They don’t know they didn’t live up to awakening and the last thing they know before they’re blasted into ash is that they’re going home.  They don’t (usually) know they’re a clone-slave.  From an outside look this is obviously fucked, but what if you were them?  “The Truman Show” does space!

For me the major takeaway was, “you own your life and your body, but not the life that comes from it.”  I’ll definitely be checking out some more Duncan Jones flicks.

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