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i found an article about how pissed off everyone is on the internet while finding this image

Everyone on all the feeds are yelling trying to educated (read “enrage”) their friends about politics and whether blue is evil or red or at least which one is least evil. I even found an article from Scientific American titled “Why Is Everyone on the Internet So Angry?” while I was searching for the beautiful thumbs down image. It’s sad, why would I go onto the internet to tell my friend they are stupid? Somebody is really good at getting us excited about these things. I’m probably the worst too. I wrote like 4000 words about why everyone was wrong. I couldn’t even point my middle finger properly so Read the rest of this entry »


I went to the RNC some time ago, quite some time! (Why do we say ‘some’ to mean a lot when we talk about time but just a little bit when talking about other things?) While the Maine Massacre  had happened I was in Maine sitting on a lakeknowing exactly zero about the madness of the Mainerds (“spelling?” I had to write that if I thought I may have misspelled something in school; school likes to reward those who are scared about being wrong instead of hopeful in being right) in Tampa. When I came back to the lovely mugginess of Florida I had to check out the main event. I was planning on selling some shirts with “OMG WTF” on them, the “O” was an Obama symbol.

a friend wearing a friendly shirt

But Will got stuck in traffic and behind streets that were closed down by armies of bicycle cops. I sat on a concrete barrier and looked at the people around me. Then I wrote this on my phone: Read the rest of this entry »

I always feel obligated. There are so many pressures and ‘shoulds’ and promises I made. They stack up so high and some get so subtle that it becomes impossible to do anything that I wasn’t obligated to do. I decided to start killing obligations. Bang boom kapow!

Is this really worth feeling anything?

You aren’t obligated to be on one side or the other. Every little girl feels the obligation to be that girl on Vogue. She hates herself because she’s not that alien with the blue eyes and boobs. Every Dove and mother in the world – fathers have been keeping quiet on this one – are outraged about this shit. It’s outrageous! People pay a lot of money to make you hate yourself enough to pay them to make you better. To close the gap between you and their carefully designed unreachable ideal. They use photoshop! It’s cheating! Bruce Willis’ girlfriend in Pulp Fiction said, “I don’t give a damn what men find attractive. It’s unfortunate what we find pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye is seldom the same.” You’re not obligated to look a specific way. But our two-party system of the fats and the skinnies is destroying any real  constructive body-discourse. The whole world demonizes the too-beautiful magazine people. BUT GOD DAMNIT THEY ARE PEOPLE TOO! Read the rest of this entry »

How did class warfare become about the Rich and the Poor? Tension between classes really has little to do with wealth; when one group has to follow laws and another doesn’t is when things get ugly. Politicians create these rifts through laws that deviate from laissez faire capitalism. When they vote themselves and their powerful contributors immunity or special privileged is when shit heads for the nearest fan… or the shit should be heading for the nearest fan anyway.

  • you think we should actually stop fighting preemptive wars.
  • you think $1 trillion to station troops in 160+ countries is a bit much.
  • you think you should be able to do what you want to your body.
  • you think that the prohibition of marijuana is more ridiculous than the prohibition of alcohol.
  • you think your money should retain it’s value.
  • you think you go to work to earn money for you and your family, not the government.
  • you think taxes are just a little outrageous.
  • you realize you don’t have to pick “the lesser of two evils” when voting.
  • you believe in the charity of your fellow man to help one another without coercion.
  • you believe in self ownership.
  • you don’t like the idea of aristocracy (ie politicians having their own class)
  • you enjoy things that make sense.
  • you think that winning should be rewarded, not punished.
  • you understand that economies grow based on production of value.
  • you see that most of “the rich” have done more good than they’re given credit for.
  • you like politicians who will take any question head on.
  • the Constitution means anything to you.

Most people are furious at BP for the damages they have caused and want serious reparations. Rightly so, BP should be held responsible for messing up. I just wonder why people don’t feel that they should also be held responsible for their actions. If a person accidentally sets his house on fire and it burns down along with his neighbor’s house do you think he would feel that he should pay to rebuild his house along with his neighbor’s? I doubt it. He would feel that his fuck-up should be covered by the government or insurance.

Gimme my bottle, bitch

I’ve been wondering why kids are so attracted to gang culture.  Honestly, why is Lil Wayne cooler than Bill Gates?  Wayne sings and does drugs while Gates changed the face of computing and has made life a lot better for all of us (even apple fanboys).  Somehow, it became cool to be a thief, murderer, constantly in some alternate reality, sell illegal drugs, and basically lead a very shitty life.

My idea is that rappers and gang culture have become so popular because of our government’s “War on Drugs”.  My logic goes like this:

The supply of drugs is greatly reduced because they are illegal.  When the demand for something exceeds the supply of it prices increase, and the ‘honest’ supply is zero.  This is what creates the wild margins that drug dealers enjoy.  Most gangs run on drug money.  The population is attracted to easy money (get rich schemes, internet bubble, real estate bubble).  Gangs thrive, gangsters get rich.  Rappers, already rich, tell the gangster story over and over and over and over until you can’t help but want to get a chain and shoot a bitch.

I just made a very short, very incomplete argument.  What do you think?

This is just one more example of the blow back of our government’s actions.  By banning drugs they give huge amounts of power and wealth to gangs, which translates into culture via rap.  Under a government that truly nurtured liberty and personal freedom (ie would not enter ‘wars’ against substances that cannot be controlled. ie would not start a “War on Drugs”) this gangster culture would be immediately wiped out and replaced with a more productive ‘cool’.  Although entrepreneurship has enjoyed an increase in acceptance and even a badass factor in the last 20 to 30 years, it’s still trumped tween vampires and thugs.  A lot of people don’t think a working person can be looked at as a hero because, “Hey, it’s a job.”  Remember that it wasn’t long ago when pilots enjoyed celebrity status.

This is a paper I wrote for my class “American Religious History” explaining why America is not and has never been a Christian nation.  I mainly use our founding documents, but also bring in the founding fathers and current laws to help make the point.  Enjoy.


The United States is not and has never been a Christian nation.  Of course one could argue the opposite using a plethora of definitions and requirements of “Christian nation.”  I will argue that these alternatives are insubstantial and impractical.  Then I will argue for a more proper and practical working definition.  Using this definition and its requirements I will show the United States to be substantially different than a Christian nation.  The founding documents and our peculiar version of religious diversity will be brought to aid me in this.  I use our founding documents, American law, and the early diversity of Christian denominations to support my arguments.
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