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who battles the zeus-battler?

God came down and talked to me last night. Was I dreaming? Don’t think so. Not the god-as-the-universe god, I’m talking God-God, Zeus-God. Real fleshy booming lightning and thunder and creator of universes on purpose God. He came down to me and told me my purpose in life. He said, “Your life is your purpose in the Universe.”

He told me my purpose in life was to be afraid, to experience depression, to regret everything, to be neurotic. God made me a promise, “I have willed that you make at least three more catastrophic mistakes before I kill you.” What a guarantee! How stressful! Why would God make me suffer so much? Not even as a test – why would he create such a foolish meaning?

He told me my purpose in life was to feel Read the rest of this entry »

I went to bed last night. Good for me! My roommate and lunatic thing-maker roommate Hunter asked me

What would you tell me if you were going to die tonight?

“I love you, Hunter.” Then I went to bed and I knew I was a liar. That’s the default but it’s not what I would wish him. I think I’d actually say, “Have fun!” That’s way better. Imagine your friend dying and the last thing they told you was “Have fun!” What a phrase to carry the weight of death. Maybe that would make a good epitaph.

what kind of fun?

There are some things that happen that make obvious the preciousness of the moment – like considering dying. Nowever! It’s the “Holy shit right here right now I am!” realization that doesn’t use those words but feels Read the rest of this entry »

Or you could just brush your teeth

Meditation is rarely as big as a 10 day commitment and doesn’t mean you must be in the lotus position. The point of meditation is to be aware of your thoughts. You’ve already done at least ten meditations today.

I used to tell people who want to get into meditation to sit down for one minute and then add a minute every day until you get to an hour. But even that’s too much sometimes. We need a lower barrier to Zentry! (Zen-entry! hahaha oh Kyle you clever boy.) So let’s start with what we already do. Read the rest of this entry »

A dear-dear friend of mine and owner of RepAssured told me about a study done by a big-time-go-gett’em university on goals. They asked a group of students if they wrote down their goals. Then asked if they reviewed them each day. 1% of the students wrote down and reviewed their goals regularly. They found these kids all grown up and found that the 1% had something like 95% of the wealth of all the students questioned. We found the 1%!

That’s good, goals work. But sometimes, Frodo gets killed before he gets to Mordor. But what if I wrote my goal, reviewed it, visualized the heck out of it – then died? Which is a real possibility. Then I wouldn’t have finished building my castle and I would become soil – dust in the wind! Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s an experiment to do. It was fun for me. Maybe you hate it.

Kill your dream.

Maybe not forever, but just for right now. There’s a good chance your dream is poisoning your food and tripping you when you’re not looking. Dreams are sneaky bastards that won’t be any fun if we blindly adopt them. Not that you shouldn’t ‘go for it’, it’s just that the ‘it’ is usually not IT.

I know this sounds dumb. Having a Dream is part of the American Religion. But so was having a house, going to college, and having sexuals with Angelina Jolie. Killing your dream will give you a second to actually Read the rest of this entry »

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