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I love books because I’m a mind peeper. It’s fun to find out things you think by reading what other people think. Sometimes books have something to teach, sometimes they have something to entertain you with, and sometimes they are a demonstration of a stupid mind. Books can take more time to go into something than a blog post. When somebody has an idea big enough for a book – not an idea stretched to fit a book – then it takes time to soak in. Most books are stretched ideas or non-ideas, they don’t offer anything. As I understand it, Fifty Shades of Grey offered some moist panties because it mentioned butt plugs. That’s cool. I think that book probably made a lot of lives better. Once the end came and you found out she was on heroin the entire time and her lover was actually a fourteen year old boy (I’m nearly positive that isn’t the case) the magic was over. There aren’t a lot of books that you remember. There are even fewer books that take your mind and warp it so hard that you can never forget what they taught.

A lot of my close friends read solely non-fiction. “HA! Childish stories? Have fun Kyle…” Read the rest of this entry »

Federal Reserve Note 2015

Everything we use that doesn’t grow out of the ground by itself was created by someone. Every apple consumed was grown purposefully for us. Every toilet flush, shower, and sink required a whole lot of people to install pipes and pumps. Every light or computer you turn on is being powered because someone is running an electric plant right now. Mail gets to doors because a person physically delivers it there. We are able to watch as much YouTube as we want for free because Google is paying for servers somewhere. Basically, practically any useful thing in any useful form was made for consumption by another person.

We use money as the universal exchange for all these things. We need to make enough value (money) of our own to pay for value others give us. Money is (supposed to be) a measure of value that we’ve created.

That means that every dollar we use must fall into one of three categories:

  1. Earned by creating value for someone else.
  2. Gifted by someone who earned the dollar.
  3. Stolen from someone else.

Those are the only possible ways to accumulate or use money. If you have a dollar that you didn’t earn and wasn’t a gift from someone who earned a dollar, you’ve stolen a dollar. Every dollar that that the Fed prints takes a little bit of value out of your earned dollar. When our government gives out money as “bailouts” or “handouts” remember that those terms don’t really describe what they’re doing. A “handout” sounds like a giveaway. The money they are giving to individuals, banks, and any other group is almost all stolen money.

“The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.” – John Maynard Keynes

Inflation is accepted.  “Back in my day, I could buy a candy bar for a penny” doesn’t even make us flinch.  Even when people understand this kind of value destruction they don’t seem to really care.  The Fed, a for profit bank that cannot be audited, has complete control of the flow of our money.  They print money and dole it out however they want and don’t have to tell us how it was used.

Let’s pretend I collect all my friend’s booze and in return I give them an IOU with “I drink, therefore I  am” printed on the back.  I then go to my booze vault and begin printing IOUs for my best friends and 9’s.  I’ll be the most popular guy in town.  Shit, I can hook you up with free booze.  Then I wake up one hungover morning, go to my vault and find one lone bottle of Svedka left.  Depressed, I drink it and go cry.

That is no different than what the Fed does.  Every dollar they print is future-fucking your dollar.  Because the whole value-pie of the US/world is massive and dispersed so widely they can get away with it for awhile.  Unfortunately, printing a dollar and creating a dollar’s worth of value are two very different things.  The fact that your dollar can’t store value means that there is no secure way to store your wealth.  Sure, you can buy gold, land, or diamonds, but those markets fluctuate like any other.

A dollar is supposed to be a store of value.  When you have one you expect that someone will do something in exchange for it.  Every dollar the Fed prints makes your dollars worth less value.  So when they print a few hundred billion dollars and hand it over to whatever bank is best connected in Washington, you just payed some asshole’s $100 million bonus.  That’s why all the talk about “Wall St. versus Main St.” is such bull.  It’s the elected crooks in Washington who allow for this corruption.  Really, though, it’s the fools who elect crooks into office.


Keep printing, let's get this thing to zero!

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