People often comment how ‘material’ others are. Usually the commenter has less than the material person and usually I sense a bit of jealousy. Also, the person doing the pointing is wearing a piece of clothing with a logo, a logo that they paid extra for. We’re all ‘material’, just some more than others.

I once saw an interview with Warren Buffett where he said that he only spends on things that improve his quality of life. I’ve heard that he lives in the same house he got married in years ago and he wears some of the cheaper suits around. He uses a marquis jet service, not to impress but because it makes his life a bit better. Buffett is the least ‘material’ person I know (actually, my grandpa has a similar philosophy on spending).

I think that consumption is uncomfortable for a couple of reasons: (1) excess spending puts us in an economically uncomfortable position and (2) we don’t like to think about why we consume the things we do. Read the rest of this entry »