This video shows way Government “job creation” is such a joke.

Breaking things to be replaced creates jobs.  Replacing things that don’t need replacing creates jobs.  Building things that don’t need building creates jobs.  In order for the government to create these so-called jobs it needs to spend money.  To raise spending it needs to raise taxes or print money.  If it raises taxes that makes it harder for you to spend money and if it prints money it devalues your money… making it harder to spend money again.

Governments don’t run profitable businesses. They run the US Postal service and Amtrak.  Entrepreneurs run profitable businesses.  Or … the government doesn’t know how to create a company that provides more value than it requires and entrepreneurs have to.  If a private entrepreneur goes out of business it’s because he didn’t provide enough value for people to pay him.  The government can operate businesses at a loss almost indefinitely because they throw the loss on us.