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I’m so brainwashed that I think about Snooki. She serves as an explanation for every poofy-haired girl with hoopy earings and a face of oral fixation I’ve ever seen. Even though the hair is probably Gwyn Stefani. Holla-back girl! I’m so brainwashed I think happiness can be found in a study. I’m so brainwashed I start to believe the news whole-heartedly after watching it for five minutes. I can talk about a news headline for a full day.

I scrubbed my head Read the rest of this entry »


Her tyranny has ruled us for too long! Why should we step lightly? THIS IS OUR FUCKING PLANET. THE HUMAN REIGN IS SUPREME! Al Gore tries to make you feel bad about walking on dirt. But I am putting my foot down. HARD into this planet that has tried to hold us back and kill us with tornadoes and planet-quakes and other dark magic. It’s time for retribution! Burn that gas, release the CFCs, let the cows fart, BURN THIS MOTHER DOWN! Read the rest of this entry »

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