I’ve been listening to Say Anything a lot recently. The music is magic. Apparently they’re not big fans of college either…

I can’t work
There’s too many wars over seas
There’s too much creative juice in me to focus in on that
So I’ll pace around, I’ll chat with your answering machine
As my thoughts drift into the unclean
I have to take a bath
You know, I know, they don’t know anything about you and me and all our kind 
Reasonless, meaningless superiority 
Slaughtered symphonies in our mind 
This college cattle call 
Ships off a hundred herds of young and wealthy work-horse mules
The teachers labeled all the dreamers fools 
“You’re not their fucking tool!” 
You and me can set them free together 
With one hand on each others,
And the other on our weaponry, Read the rest of this entry »