I never let my schooling interfere with my education – Mark Twain

This post has been sitting unfinished and unpublished for about two months. With the release of new studies showing that 45 percent of students “did not demonstrate any significant improvement in learning” during the first two years of college I thought it was time to finish it up.

My purpose for this post is to (1) show that college is not always the right way to go and (2) give ideas for alternatives. Essentially that the question isn’t always “where”, but should also be “if”. You’ll see that I don’t believe college is useless for all people or for all reasons, but that there are a lot of better ways to get an education. Ironically, the University of Florida will be giving me my degree in Economics this May. What might make that slightly less ironic is that I will have spent just 2.5 years in classes to get that degree. Nearly every person I’ve told this thinks I’m crazy, they think I’m giving up some of the greatest time of my life. I’ve enjoyed my time here and have had fantastic experiences, but if I were to graduate high school again there’s no way I would go straight into college. Read the rest of this entry »