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I never let my schooling interfere with my education – Mark Twain

This post has been sitting unfinished and unpublished for about two months. With the release of new studies showing that 45 percent of students “did not demonstrate any significant improvement in learning” during the first two years of college I thought it was time to finish it up.

My purpose for this post is to (1) show that college is not always the right way to go and (2) give ideas for alternatives. Essentially that the question isn’t always “where”, but should also be “if”. You’ll see that I don’t believe college is useless for all people or for all reasons, but that there are a lot of better ways to get an education. Ironically, the University of Florida will be giving me my degree in Economics this May. What might make that slightly less ironic is that I will have spent just 2.5 years in classes to get that degree. Nearly every person I’ve told this thinks I’m crazy, they think I’m giving up some of the greatest time of my life. I’ve enjoyed my time here and have had fantastic experiences, but if I were to graduate high school again there’s no way I would go straight into college. Read the rest of this entry »

This video shows way Government “job creation” is such a joke.

Breaking things to be replaced creates jobs.  Replacing things that don’t need replacing creates jobs.  Building things that don’t need building creates jobs.  In order for the government to create these so-called jobs it needs to spend money.  To raise spending it needs to raise taxes or print money.  If it raises taxes that makes it harder for you to spend money and if it prints money it devalues your money… making it harder to spend money again.

Governments don’t run profitable businesses. They run the US Postal service and Amtrak.  Entrepreneurs run profitable businesses.  Or … the government doesn’t know how to create a company that provides more value than it requires and entrepreneurs have to.  If a private entrepreneur goes out of business it’s because he didn’t provide enough value for people to pay him.  The government can operate businesses at a loss almost indefinitely because they throw the loss on us.

I’ve been confused lately about why so many people are up in arms about this NYC mosque.  Not that it seems like a great thing, but it just didn’t strike me as something worth thinking about.  Then I read Ron Paul’s statement on the matter and I’m embarrassed that I didn’t understand immediately.  He has been all around the news and as always his well thought out, rational take on the subject shocks and awes.  (Cut out the B.S. and start watching at 3:25.)

It’s a moral issue not a legal one.  Legally that property can have whatever is allowed according to zoning laws.  Ron Paul, as always, sees through the bullshit and makes plain what actually matters here. (Indents = Ron)

Is the controversy over building a mosque near ground zero a grand distraction or a grand opportunity? Or is it, once again, grandiose demagoguery?

Why are we talking about this?  Who’s fueling the fire?

In my opinion it has come from the neo-conservatives who demand continual war in the Middle East and Central Asia and are compelled to constantly justify it.

They never miss a chance to use hatred toward Muslims to rally support for the ill conceived preventative wars. A select quote from soldiers from in Afghanistan and Iraq expressing concern over the mosque is pure propaganda and an affront to their bravery and sacrifice.

The claim is that we are in the Middle East to protect our liberties is misleading. To continue this charade, millions of Muslims are indicted and we are obligated to rescue them from their religious and political leaders. And, we’re supposed to believe that abusing our liberties here at home and pursuing unconstitutional wars overseas will solve our problems.

The nineteen suicide bombers didn’t come from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iran. Fifteen came from our ally Saudi Arabia, a country that harbors strong American resentment, yet we invade and occupy Iraq where no al Qaeda existed prior to 9/11.

There is no doubt that a small portion of radical, angry Islamists do want to kill us but the question remains, what exactly motivates this hatred?

If Islam is further discredited by making the building of the mosque the issue, then the false justification for our wars in the Middle East will continue to be acceptable.

This is yet another example of how democracy is equivalent to mob rule.

It is repeatedly said that 64% of the people, after listening to the political demagogues, don’t want the mosque to be built. What would we do if 75% of the people insist that no more Catholic churches be built in New York City? The point being is that majorities can become oppressors of minority rights as well as individual dictators. Statistics of support is irrelevant when it comes to the purpose of government in a free society—protecting liberty.

In summation and the only part of this whole thing that really matters:

This is all about hate and Islamaphobia.

We now have an epidemic of “sunshine patriots” on both the right and the left who are all for freedom, as long as there’s no controversy and nobody is offended.

Political demagoguery rules when truth and liberty are ignored.

Eye on the prize.

Edit:  Just found a video of Newt Gringrich revealing what a moron he is. He says building this mosque is akin to Nazis putting a sign next to the Holocaust museum.  This inability to tell the difference between a Muslim and a Muslim extremist is exactly what Paul was talking about above.  Also, Islamaphobia insinuates that all reservations about Islam must be phobic and that’s not what I intended.  The perversion of Islam has grown and continues to grow.

There is a daycare center (I forget which) that needed to raise some extra money.  They decided they would do this by fining parents for being late to pick up their kids.  After the fine was put in place more and more parents began showing up late to pick up their kids.  The no longer felt a social obligation to pick up their kids, to behave well.  Once they were taxed for being late, they felt that justified their tardiness.

This same loss of social obligation occurs when the government takes our money, calls it a tax, and promises that it will be used for the ‘good of society’.  People don’t let themselves help others when they have already paid to help them.

"Dam your effort Hum0n!"

Pure laissez faire capitalism is often thought of as a chaotic system where businessmen do their best to fuck over everyone else.  When in fact this kind of capitalism is obedient to natural law and is therefore the most orderly economic system.

Metaphor time!

A stream of water moving down a mountain doesn’t stop any longer than it needs to.  Gravity pulls it down the mountain as quickly as possible.  No tree, rock, or any other natural force stops the water until it gets where it needs to be.  That’s a lot like capitalism, when people are free they put their energies where it is most profitable for them – financially and otherwise.  Supply and demand makes sure that people will be guided to do what they need to do to best serve themselves and the community.

Zeus decides he knows better than Gravity and starts throwing lightning bolt dams all over our mountain to divert the water where he wants it to go.  Our loving Zeus thinks he’s doing what’s best for the stream but he’s really just fucking its shit up.  The stream is being spread too thin, it’s being sent places that it’s not really needed or where it can’t be used.  The stream is also too thin in some areas so evaporates and becomes useless.

This doesn’t have to be Commy-Zeus or Marxist-Zeus or Obama-Zeus or even Mixed-Economy-Zeus.  This is any Zeus that does anything besides watching his stream and making sure that other people don’t throw up dams or blow up his stream.

Pure laissez faire capitalism allows human energy to be directed where it can best be used.  No bubble or serious collapse can occur when incentives are the natural ones of capitalism.  If you look at the causes of any of these events in history you will see that the fundamental cause was some government trying to direct the stream of human effort in the wrong way.

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