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[This post is about my experience at a 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat I went to… it’s written for people considering going to a retreat themselves or who like meditation/mindfulness/presentness in any way.]

I spent .4% of my time like this

I finally went schizo. I always saw it in movies “wow look at that Crazy” but now I was the crazy. There was the mind saying “shut up”, the mind demanding ice picks in faces, the quiet mind under all the noise. I thought I was going into a retreat of ultimate peace. I thought I was on the fast track to Nirvana. “It’s definitely a good idea to shoot Read the rest of this entry »

A dear-dear friend of mine and owner of RepAssured told me about a study done by a big-time-go-gett’em university on goals. They asked a group of students if they wrote down their goals. Then asked if they reviewed them each day. 1% of the students wrote down and reviewed their goals regularly. They found these kids all grown up and found that the 1% had something like 95% of the wealth of all the students questioned. We found the 1%!

That’s good, goals work. But sometimes, Frodo gets killed before he gets to Mordor. But what if I wrote my goal, reviewed it, visualized the heck out of it – then died? Which is a real possibility. Then I wouldn’t have finished building my castle and I would become soil – dust in the wind! Read the rest of this entry »

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