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thank you, amazon

Most business books should be lengthy blog posts, not books. But nobody will pay for a book and if you said, “I blogged my ideas based on research we did” you would get laughed at. I love business books, they have great ideas in them, but the authors feel like they need to write a big stack of shit about it for the idea to be worth anything. And, in many people’s eyes, they’re right

That’s what happened with Carol S. Dweck’s Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. A little bit anyway. It has a great idea

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My Dearest Friends and Fucks,

I accidentally wrote a book of poems. I sat down one day writing ideas for businesses. Then ideas for business names. Then ideas for stories. Then a story. Then a poem-story. It’s good to write ideas. It makes my head hurt because I tear my idea-muscle. It’s a good sore. Not like a Snooki lip-sore but like a “The Situation” tummy sore. A tear that builds back bigger and badder. But what an odd turn to take – poetry?.

I wrote my first poem. Then my cousin Brook filmed me saying it.

That was number one. Bad but not the worst. I took a road trip and what better thing to do in the middle of a desert than write a poem? So I wrote one and became an addict of word-vomiting. I kept doing it. Without realizing it I wrote a few hundred of these little word-pukes. They sat in a journal stinking in their own stink.

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