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click picture for an important explanation of ‘faggot’ (luis ck)

The #1 way to be more creative instantly:

Switch ‘storm’ to ‘shit’.

That’s it.

Brainstorms sound so epic! If you’re in one then great, zap away! But every person I talk to that feels like they don’t have ideas often enough – I talk to myself every day about this – feels they have bad ideas. Read the rest of this entry »


It feels so good to get naked so I set up a website where I put snapshots of my nakedness. Three in the morning and three at night – every and all nights. I didn’t have the balls, or wiener, to post pictures of my bare body so instead I’m posting snapshots of my soul. MY NAKED SOUL! Poems, fucking weird collections of words that my soul puked up at some point in time. By stripping down the soul we are going to get So Fucking Zen!

So many nudeynakeys!

Their are all sorts of pukings – inspiring, digging soulward, finding The Who, perception. The only Read the rest of this entry »

My Dearest Friends and Fucks,

I accidentally wrote a book of poems. I sat down one day writing ideas for businesses. Then ideas for business names. Then ideas for stories. Then a story. Then a poem-story. It’s good to write ideas. It makes my head hurt because I tear my idea-muscle. It’s a good sore. Not like a Snooki lip-sore but like a “The Situation” tummy sore. A tear that builds back bigger and badder. But what an odd turn to take – poetry?.

I wrote my first poem. Then my cousin Brook filmed me saying it.

That was number one. Bad but not the worst. I took a road trip and what better thing to do in the middle of a desert than write a poem? So I wrote one and became an addict of word-vomiting. I kept doing it. Without realizing it I wrote a few hundred of these little word-pukes. They sat in a journal stinking in their own stink.

Read the rest of this entry »

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