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Her tyranny has ruled us for too long! Why should we step lightly? THIS IS OUR FUCKING PLANET. THE HUMAN REIGN IS SUPREME! Al Gore tries to make you feel bad about walking on dirt. But I am putting my foot down. HARD into this planet that has tried to hold us back and kill us with tornadoes and planet-quakes and other dark magic. It’s time for retribution! Burn that gas, release the CFCs, let the cows fart, BURN THIS MOTHER DOWN! Read the rest of this entry »

2012 is going to be nuts… but probably not as much as we think. It seems everyone has a prophecy for the end of that year. Of course the Mayan calendar ends, that’s spooky, right? Terrence McKenna said something about it too. I don’t know about any of that stuff really, but it’s kind of interesting and I heard Wikipedia is pretty hip with it.

I couldn’t think up any sweet supernatural things to predict. I’m not good at that stuff. My future-sense does not work like the magical lot. I’m just looking at shit around me and then making assumptions about what they’ll look like later. I’m sure to make an ass out of myself, but only you believing my batshit crazy ideas will make and ass out of you. Or won’t, because maybe there isn’t anything to even do about them. Either way:


…ad infinitum…

The future is copyrighted, and loves retro street signs

1. To start out strong, I’m going to use an idea that’s not mine. There will be the most ever Black Swan Events of all time. Papa Talib define’s his Black Swans in three simple steps.:

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