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This movie was awesome in every way.  Sam Rockwell kicks ass.  Mise en scene is always spot-on. (Spoilers start now.)   Kevin Spacey is a robot – and isn’t the bad guy (surprise!)  For a while the story violently twisted me into thinking one thing and then another.  When we finally get slammed with the big news that Sam Bell is actually not Sam Bell but instead just a clone with pre-made memories we seriously care about this dude.  The biggest achievement of the movie in my opinion is that it is intellectually stimulating while keeping a fairly quick pace.

It’s a kickass look at the question, “Do you own your genes?”  THE Sam Bell has had himself cloned into a bunch of bodies that last three years on the moon base.  The original Sam got a tidy sum of money for his genes to provide a never ending supply of labor on the moon.  He basically put 100s of his clones into slave labor forever.  This clones believe they’re him and that they’re going home three years after they awake.  They don’t know they didn’t live up to awakening and the last thing they know before they’re blasted into ash is that they’re going home.  They don’t (usually) know they’re a clone-slave.  From an outside look this is obviously fucked, but what if you were them?  “The Truman Show” does space!

For me the major takeaway was, “you own your life and your body, but not the life that comes from it.”  I’ll definitely be checking out some more Duncan Jones flicks.

This was a totally different movie for Guy Ritchie.  His most obvious moves weren’t present, but the movie was awesome.  Every Guy Ritchie movie leaves me wanting to be on of the characters… this time it was Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock.  I love Robert Downey Jr.  and this might be his best performance.  He’s perfect.  SO GOOD

Few movies have left me feeling excited leaving the theater- Avatar took that feeling to a whole new level.  Avatar not only excited me because it was the most beautiful, immersive movie experience of my life- but also because I can look forward to many more movies looking this way.  The 3D was used flawlessly.  There were not random rockets or trees sticking out into your face for no reason.  Pandora is one of the coolest worlds I’ve ever seen.  The movie is a game changer, I just can’t wait to see it again.

The Polar Express was the Christmas movie of choice this year. My grandpa was stunned at how realistic the graphics were. To me they looked very cartoonish (when compared with movies like Avatar.)

There were a lot of messages of the goodness of faith and believing being throw around; as well as lessons in leadership, humility, and confidence… A lot of life lessons to soak up in one cartoon. It might have really worke me up if they weren’t such bs. It was fun to watch with the family though. Merry Christmas!

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