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The following is a paper I wrote for Film Analysis:

Pulp Fiction and Smart Sound

Mr. Quentin Tarantino is obviously a master of his art, a genius.  However, it is not until close inspection of his masterpiece, Pulp Fiction, that one can truly understand how good he is.  This paper is not about the genius of Tarantino, but is made possible by that genius.  With Pulp Fiction Tarantino proved that he wasn’t just a hot fad that would come and go, he showed that he could hang with the best.  His control over visual style and especially dialogue is famous (“An interview with Quentin Tarantino”.)  What is less talked about is his mastery over sound.  Sure, his movie soundtracks are some of the most popular out there; however, his ability to use famous songs to great effect in scenes is not what is most impressive.  His mastery of diegetic, or actual, sound in film is what impresses.  The diegetic sounds in Pulp Fiction work seem to always function in more than one way.  They often foreshadow negative events and mirror the character’s feelings and actions, highlighting discursive elements of the film. Read the rest of this entry »

Just summed it up from here
1 Assume everyone has ADD
-entertain audience quickly
2 Spend most time on first 10 pages
3 Write roles to attract movie starts
4 Write economically
-don’t ‘overwrite’
-verbose stage direction
-‘one the nose’ dialogue- don’t spell everything out
5 Make sure every character has a unique voice
-don’t make characters too familiar.
-make quirks/unusual traits
-make character grow thru story
-make everything difficult thru journey
6 Understand your audience
7 Know youre three-act structure
-page 10 should be done with main char intro
-end of act 1 should know where story is going
8 Be aware of theme, and keep it consistent
9 Watch/rewatch good movies similar to your story
10 know what hero wants (goal), what happens if he doesn’t get it (stakes), amd who/what is preventing him from getting what he wants (villain)
11 leave them wanting more
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