i found an article about how pissed off everyone is on the internet while finding this image

Everyone on all the feeds are yelling trying to educated (read “enrage”) their friends about politics and whether blue is evil or red or at least which one is least evil. I even found an article from Scientific American titled “Why Is Everyone on the Internet So Angry?” while I was searching for the beautiful thumbs down image. It’s sad, why would I go onto the internet to tell my friend they are stupid? Somebody is really good at getting us excited about these things. I’m probably the worst too. I wrote like 4000 words about why everyone was wrong. I couldn’t even point my middle finger properly so I gave up and attempted to Transcend Bullshit. People were angry at me because I didn’t supply a golden calf of my own.

I get the sense that we’re a little angry right now as a people. We are using social networks to push friends away instead of making connections with people. I want to stop getting frustrated with people who have dumb political beliefs (with no basis in reality! can you believe them!?) or yelling at some unnamed person in their life. They just had to tell somebody something. They needed to stand up and shout it out. Okay, that’s fine. Here are some ideas to bring the love back into digital interactions:

  1. “Like” everything on Facebook. We post things on Facebook so somebody will see it and react. Make somebody’s moment by liking their status. Why do we only ‘like’ things that impress us? Why do I sit here like some great arbiter of what is deserving of ‘likes’? I should just start liking things because my friend said it and I want my friend to feel good.
  2. Send an email for no reason. A great friend of mine quit Facebook recently because it wasn’t helping him with anything in life. I think that’s a great idea. But he started emailing me and we’ve had much better conversations since. The novelty of email is almost as good as snail mail at this point – surprise someone!
  3. Photoshop a funny picture of a friend.
  4. Find an old picture of a friend to reminisce over.
  5. Upvote! (Reddit)
  6. Send a video message to someone. Most phones can do that now and it is really fun and people love it.
  7. Send a picture message. Same as above.
  8. Buy twitter followers for someone anonymously. If you have a friend that’s into twitter and they were suddenly followed by 1000 new followers they would be the happiest person in the world.
  9. Post something relatable on a friend’s wall.
  10. Send random chat messages on Facebook.
  11. Poke everyone on Facebook.
  12. Make a rage comic for a friend. Also from Reddit.

Really I just think we should stop being such dicks to each other on Facebook. I’m not sure I’ve ever convinced anybody of a political belief by mocking them.