I went to the RNC some time ago, quite some time! (Why do we say ‘some’ to mean a lot when we talk about time but just a little bit when talking about other things?) While the Maine Massacre  had happened I was in Maine sitting on a lakeknowing exactly zero about the madness of the Mainerds (“spelling?” I had to write that if I thought I may have misspelled something in school; school likes to reward those who are scared about being wrong instead of hopeful in being right) in Tampa. When I came back to the lovely mugginess of Florida I had to check out the main event. I was planning on selling some shirts with “OMG WTF” on them, the “O” was an Obama symbol.

a friend wearing a friendly shirt

But Will got stuck in traffic and behind streets that were closed down by armies of bicycle cops. I sat on a concrete barrier and looked at the people around me. Then I wrote this on my phone:

There is a stark difference between between those walking into the RNC and those outside waving signs outside. The ones walking in have every one of their beliefs confirmed by the shaggy looks and angry remarks by the sign wavers – they’ve won, they’re going inside! The sign wavers have all their beliefs confirmed by smugness of those walking in. They are “Them”, those with the credentials and hair-do’s to get into the building.

Nobody is learning. Nobody’s mind is changing. They are attacking on a level that isn’t meant to change or educate – just to hate and alienate.

The yelling is stereotypical. The old black Obama supporter is yelling at the old white republican who is limping on crutches and a broken leg about Obamacare. Republican couples mumble about how people need to get jobs. Every comment is an echo of a soundbite. Soundbite people repeating soundbite news to go kiss soundbite ass. It’s why they’re losing their grip.

I hear a man say “cash” and I knew something was about to happen. He made a connection, made a plan, got an interview. He had a conversation about something sincere. He’s already made a difference. Good job guy, I don’t know what you or your braided beard are going to do, but thank god you got some money. (Not sarcastic here – he was curious and wanted to make some progress!)

It’s sport for them. It’s only about being right and telling the other people they are wrong. TV told them to be scared of the Others and so they are – they are the end of America. Maybe they are, but I don’t think telling them that will help. Unless saying “I told you so” counts as a life enhancing event.

The cops had no idea whats going on. The captain takes them and drags them into position like he drags people out of the way of a walk way.

We love sports. Sometimes it’s about the athletic prowess but usually it’s more about, “Yeeeehawwwrr I’m better because I prefer this athlete who won today inside this particular set of rules!” And I think that’s great. I think sports are fantastic when we play them. I think it’s beautiful to see what our human bodies are capable of.

Just lesser. Our government shouldn’t be a colosseum though. You shouldn’t get a politicians back, he’s supposed to have yours. They have us so disillusioned that almost everyone is convinced we must choose between “the lesser of two evils” even though there are plenty wonderful places to live that don’t buy it.

Money. It’s easy to manipulate a game if there are only two sides. In the 1980’s French banks failed and the government took them over. In 2008 US banks failed and they took over the government. Some might argue this happened much earlier. Most will argue that I’m a conspiracy theorist for saying this. But I’m not talking about a conspiracy or a theory, only things we know about for sure. Remember that the Federal Reserve is a private (profiteering) bank that no politician (or president) can do anything to control. They don’t even have to show what money they’ve been printing or where they’ve been putting it. Again, only facts, zero opinions.

Salesmen. We like to have hope. Actually, we need hope if we aren’t going to drink ourselves to death tonight. We also need to blame people. The economy (please define “the economy” and whatever you do, don’t include yourself in it) is bad and I’m scared and I’m upset so I want someone to tell me it’s okay. Politicians’ favorite things (thingsin the world are people who desperately need something, they will mold themselves to fit any hole you need them too – mentally or otherwise.

Fresh Hope! Only 50% of your income (unless you need to get paid, we can do that too) to make some bombs to blow up babies and pay that Company who helped me out, and to pay for more votes. OR DIE

Corporatism. Amazon has been fighting sales tax for years, now they support it. Why? Because they figured out a way to keep their competitive edge in the face of it. They made a deal with the government to build cheap distribution centers all over the place. Google uses 21 times more bandwidth than they pay for. These are two of my favorite companies and I don’t blame them for what they’re doing. As a business you use the tools available to you to profit. The government should never be a tool for business. I don’t understand why this would ever be a controversial statement.

Same stuff. Obama has told a billion lies and probably isn’t even a U.S. citizen. Mitt Romney has been caught in at least 530 lies in 30 weeks. The only way we can change the political game is to sack up and recognize that our ‘parties’ are teams playing for votes (and we never got to read the rule book) instead of groups of people with good ideas to make your life better. I challenge anyone to scan a list executive orders and attempt to figure whether the president was an elephant or donkey.

They can’t care about you. Politicians (presidents) are humans just like you and me. They have emotions and pee on the seat and eat and have terrible relationships with people. They also have 24 hours a day and a the same amount of attention as you. How many people do you care about? I probably actually care about a baker’s dozen worth of people and two dogs. That’s it really. I love a ton of people and I wish I could help more people all the time and have real relationships with more people. I want to have more human connections. But we barely get any as humans, and to think your ‘representative’ gives a shit about anything besides your vote means he gave a great speech and you are a terrible listener.

The presidency in the universe of The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. More truth than fiction. (click pic for bigger)

Obligation. P-diddy and others just as incompetent will tell you that if you don’t vote, you will die. What this really means is, “If you don’t side with Big Blue or Rowdy Red you aren’t an American and all your friends will make fun of you and you don’t deserve to dance to my sick beats and your parents will disown you and America will die. And it will all be your fault. You lonely, sad, sick fucker.” It’s scary for people to see an independent thinker, almost as scary as thinking independently. So they will violently push you onto a side – “have an opinion you pussy!” But why does every person in America need to ‘research’ other people’s opinions about people who we KNOW are lying to us?

Fiercely Apathetic. They turned apathetic into a bad word. (THEY!) But we are all apathetic about most things most of the time. Just because somebody holds a very strong belief that they are very insecure about (the more volatile a person is when discussing a subject the more scared they tend to be about their stored conclusion) it doesn’t mean you need to give a shit about it. Defend your apathy with everything you’ve got! Nod your head, give a concerned ‘hmm’, then forget about it. If I see a group of people circled around something bowing to it I will probably want to bow too – it’s comfy to worship things! But when I was bowed I smelled something gross. I dove balls-deep into the bowing crowd, I found out everything I could – what is that smell they are all praying to!? Then i got to the front row (this means protests, heavy academic books) and I saw the thing I smelled the whole time. I didn’t want to admit to myself what the smell was. I didn’t want to admit that I was worshipping a pile of bull’s shit stacked however tall Obomney is. But I saw it and it burned and nobody can ever force me to worship shit, no matter how charismatic it might be. 
The best part is that when you see a pile of shit and gather the courage to leave it behind, you find much better things to eat. Care about politicians, for real! Bad political ideas are a very real danger – but for God’s sake don’t look at the issues they shove your face in.

sounds a lot like a politician to me

Stop Fighting. My reaction to every political thing is to fight it or praise it. “Fuck you!” or “Oorah!” But there are other things to do with it. Ask things. What does this mean for my life? What opportunities does this create? Why would they do that? Where is the incentive? Where did this fact become an opinion?

Start Fighting. Maybe zero of this applies to you. Maybe you love the game. Then play! Just not blindly. There are MUCH more interesting things in the political landscape than Obama or Romney or even Ron Paul. I don’t want to see our government as separated from anything or above anything, it’s a huge organism that has complexities that are hidden everywhere. Instead of researching to win a fight try researching out of curiosity of how this thing works. Fight for some fucking truth, just try. Keep it a secret if you want, tell them you’re voting for Romney or Obama then go and find out if that’s what you should actually do. Don’t dig in the official websites, their incentives are funny. Realize you’re not on any team but Team America. Even better, Team Universe. You were made in a supernova god damnit – you deserve better than bickering about whatever the media decided this week’s argument is.

All I’m saying – just because everybody is taking part in a feces feast around you it doesn’t mean you need to put one bite of it in your mouth. You might get a whiff on facebook and splattered by some spewing out of the television but wipe it off if you want. Leave the mob behind and find some facts, connect some dots, and put the precious moments of your human experience’s awareness into something something you choose. I chose to write you this because I might die today and I might never get to talk to you again. Or hug my dog or get drunk or tell somebody who loves Obama or Romney that I love them. I don’t know how you feel about this, but I feel a little closer to okay about Death smacking my infinitesimal (and maybe the opposite) being out of this existence.

looking in is infinite too