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The #1 way to be more creative instantly:

Switch ‘storm’ to ‘shit’.

That’s it.

Brainstorms sound so epic! If you’re in one then great, zap away! But every person I talk to that feels like they don’t have ideas often enough – I talk to myself every day about this – feels they have bad ideas.

Buddha and every other great eastern thinker yells about how important it is not to judge. What does non-judgmental yelling look like? Osho talks about how he has to kill followers’ attachments to him.

I was talking with my friend Reuben Pressman yesterday about applying creative problem solving, or CPS, (a much more specific process than it sounds) and how it can apply to life issues. It’s weird to apply a process as structured as CPS to issues like “what do I want to be doing right now?” but it surprises. If you’re interested in more details Reuben just made a thorough comment on Hacker News.

CPS is all about making lists (diverging) and then picking later (converging). It’s tough to make a list if you shit on every other idea there. And I can’t practice nonjudgement like Osho, I’m not that good most of Time. These are my ideas! I live and die by the quality of these lightning strike thoughts. You are a genius if you have really good ideas and a retaard (video demonstration) if you have bad ones.

not even the right freeze frame, OH UGHH

Sometimes it helps to say, “nobody will ever see this” but I’m still left with an ugly list that I judge myself for. The single best way I’ve found to make a list without stopping my thinking is to go into it with the visual of my brain barfing on paper or keyboard.

You’ve already judged it as shit. Everything you put down is going to terrible. And it will be, but then you’re going to see a chunk. And you’re going to think it’s corn but then you’ll look closer and you’ll see the sparkle of gold. Hallelujah!

Slap ‘ideas’ off of their pedestal and let them be something you already don’t judge.

James Altucher, one of my favorite authors, got me all excited about lists. He even showed that some of the best ideas are in lists. The Ten Commandments and the Forbes 400, for instance. I present the two E-Z steps:

  1. Take one second to say, “I’m about to blackout. I’m not responsible for whatever comes out of my brain in the next ten minutes.” And you’re not, not any more than you’re responsible for your actual poo. Which is actually a little bit. A body-diet and mind-diet effect the output. Have I negated myself? Not as much as it sounds. The barf will be a demonstration of your mind diet, your ability to let go of judgement, and how much mind-shatting you’ve practiced.
  2. Write and don’t stop. Never let the pen stop. Even when your brain is empty just write, “my brain is empty” in the next line. Then you’ll forget what it feels like to not have any ideas and wonder how you could have ever felt like your mind was empty. Remember, whatever lists you make will program your auto-thoughts. The thoughts you have without trying will be defined by the biggest sector of the idea muscle. Within a week you can program for poem lyrics (haha what kind of idiot what do that), business ideas, ‘yo-mama’ jokes, neutron equations, memes, anything.

That’s two steps. Then you look back and see if anything came out worthwhile. Most of the things on the paper will be embarrassingly bad. After a few goes of this it will start to shift from embarrassing to ‘meh’. Then from ‘meh’ to something you can share with your mom. Then to something you can say at a dinner party with wine and cheese and give everybody a great thoughtful guffaw to complement their nautical attire.