We kill faith every time we demand it of something that isn’t there. Religious institutions are built on demanding you believe things for now reason. I’m not even sure what happened in my own head last week but these people try to tell me I should believe their account of what happened in some guy’s head thousands of years ago. “It’s obviously true if you just take the leap of faith! Then you’ll truly see the glory of My Golden Calf.” The one thing that is blasphemy is my own experience. _____ forbid I have faith in my own Seeing. Buddha said the only thing you should trust is your own experience of life. Then they built golden statues of fat-face Buddha representing his own experience. Sure, it’s a picture of what experience could be, but it’s awfully hard to hold yourself in esteem while kissing a golden foot. “Burn the Buddha!”, is what I always say this once.

respecting your experience even if you can’t respect yourself

Faith is an imperative of life, though. “I must have faith in something!” Okay, let’s find some ‘somethings’ that aren’t sold for 10% tithing. There are plenty of spiritual somethings to fill our faith holes but they are rusty and infect our souls with a bad case of Bullshit. The scariest, most exhilarating, thing anybody can do in any moment – which is of course the moment of Now, the all-moment! – is be completely honest. This honesty is faith in what is. In that moment you enter the Church of Is, the Temple of This, the fucking Alter of All!

If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him. – Zen Master Linji

Again and again, kill the Buddha. The idea, notion, ‘realization’, enlightenment, guru, key, anything. In fact, kill Buddhism. Kill faiths for real faiths. Maybe these are worth faithing :

  1. Impermanenceof all things. In Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk wrote, “On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.” Everything you own will be destroyed before or after you die. Your experience of life is not permanent. The pain or happiness you feel is not permanent. Our sun isn’t permanent, it’s going to explode one day. The satisfaction I’m getting from writing this now is particularly fleeting. Everything is forgotten in time, especially kings.

    see faith, have faith

  2. Your experience. Jack Kerouac was asked how to write better. He replied with a list of ideas, I believe #24 was to respect your experience. This is the basis for every other item on this list. Once you respect your experience of reality then you see everything else. You see the impermanence of all things because it’s obvious, you appreciate the shitty parts of your life as a valid piece of experience, you know that your aims are as valid as anyone else’s, and you ened respecting others. I once spent a whole three hours respecting every aspect of life and it was a great time. It’s hard to go on a streak like that, it’s very easy to dismiss your life as worthless when you see ‘true heroes’ on TV or your Facebook feed. When I respect my own experience I don’t have to downgrade theirs to feel better. (Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote Self-Reliance and I highlighted my favorite parts.)
  3. They will die. Every person you see today is going to die. They’ll die later of disease or in an accident or their spouse will stab them. But whether it’s later today or when they are turning 113 on Friday the 13 in 2013 they are going to be gone. Today could be the first of a thousand interactions or the last of thousands, either way, they’re toast. You can believe this because you know this.

    be faith, faith hill – CLICK FOR GGREAT SOUFPARK

  4. You will die. I could get hit by a stray bullet coming through the window. I live in an area that is less safe than 98% of other neighborhoods, I believe this is a Zillow statistic. What would I die if this was the last moment of my life? Writing this stupid fucking sentence apparently. (JK, in luvs wid it!) But I’m going to die. I have full faith I will die. I don’t have much faith in what is going to happen afterwards (or even much of what’s going to happen in the few years until then) but I have complete faith that my next experience, if it even fits into that descriptionisn’t going to be a human one.
  5. Your life has the same meaning as the rest of the universe. I wish I could have more faith in this. The universe is huge and gives me the awe-sense, it’s so big and so beautiful and mysterious. Space goes infinitely out and space goes infinitely in. Microscopes and telescopes can’t hit any end point. I have the ability to see all this infiniteness around me but it’s much more difficult to see the infiniteness of me. Maybe it’s because we survive based on limiters (senses and logic) so we can see what the hell is happening on the level at which we eat. A supernova might swallow a million stars but from the perspective of an infinite universe that means as much as an ant which means as much as a human.
  6. Your experience is the same as Buddhas. Or Jesus, or Steve Jobs, or Einstein, or that homeless dude. We are all in the human experience. The essence is all the same. Everything else is layered on top. I have faith in the basis of human experience. I have faith that I can add the layers I want. I have faith that the place I am right now is just as holy as any Indian Buddha-temple.  I have faith that my life is as legitimate as Jesus’ life was, on good days anyway.
  7. The malleability of your consciousness. If you want a truly profound experience, see yourSelf. Churches everywhere promise spiritual salvation, as do books. Your entire experience is consciousness – it’s worth playing with. Meditation, art – making and experiencing, philosophy – done well, contemplation, certain plants, depression, euphoria, moments of clarity, Hulk rages, these all demonstrate different places our minds can be. Which is to say different ways it is possible to experience our Experience. I have faith in my bendy mind.
  8. You are contradicting yourself. I have faith that I am constantly contradicting myself. That I may make a choice that isn’t the one I want to make. I might judge somebody for doing something I wish I wouldn’t do. I know that right now I have a slew of contradictory ideals and feelings and actions. I know some things I think I bad are really just uncomfortable for me. Maybe one day they will all be align but I doubt it. Until then I’m going to keep knowing they are there and correcting when I see them.
  9. The sun will rise. It has forever and when it stops I’ll die or be dead and so will everyone around it. Tomorrow will be here and I can have another stab at a day. But one day the sun won’t rise, I have faith in this too. I have faith that my ancestors will either die or not. And I have faith that death isn’t so bad – bad is a human idea from a human experience that is left behind in death. Especially when the whole planet dies together all at once.
  10. You are Becoming. 100% of the potential of future you in in the present you. There isn’t a difference except in time and space. Pure potential. Every moment we become something. We can drive a little bit, sometimes not at all. But the only time anything ever becomes something new is in the present moment – Nowever! I have faith that whatever I am in the moment I wrote this I will never be again. And I have faith that whatever I become will be worth becoming.
  11. You are authentic. There is a mass paranoia of people thinking they aren’t being their true selves. I think this every day a whole bunch of times. I think I’m not being an individual and I’m inauthentic. But there is no escaping authenticity, I am what I am. All the time, even when I lie to myself and say I’m not. You are uniquely individual, the loneliness of the self guarantees us this. Even if you allow your self or ego to dissolve you are still a completely unique entity sitting in the sameness of humanity.
  12. You choose life. Every breath is an affirmation that you want to be here. Every time you eat or breathe or move or don’t move you are choosing life. There are plenty of addons you can stack like love, happiness, and money but they are just extras. At the basic level we can at least say we approve of life. I have faith in this more than anything. Even if I can’t intellectualize why life is worth living I know it is because I breathe.

There’s so much good stuff to believe in because you’ve seen it. There are ridiculous experiences that can never be told in a story that are available for everyone willing to see. Every day I try to have a little more faith in something I know or in some way I’ve seen something.

Never give someone else the privilege of defining your relationship with the god of the universe.

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