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I’m so brainwashed that I think about Snooki. She serves as an explanation for every poofy-haired girl with hoopy earings and a face of oral fixation I’ve ever seen. Even though the hair is probably Gwyn Stefani. Holla-back girl! I’m so brainwashed I think happiness can be found in a study. I’m so brainwashed I start to believe the news whole-heartedly after watching it for five minutes. I can talk about a news headline for a full day.

I scrubbed my head once. Cleaned it of all brainwashing. The most powerful entities in the world – the Illuminati, your government, your mom, Coca-cola, your classmate, your girlfriend, that book you take too seriously, the ideals you hold about the mind of a dog – are bombarding us with Brainwash Rays every day.

The mission of any marketing campaign is to make you feel bad. “Feel bad you don’t have this.” “Feel bad you smoke.” “Feel bad you aren’t voting for me.” “Feel bad you aren’t having sex with this vagina.” Every company wants to brainwash you into feeling that you need their product. Every person tries to brainwash you into giving them attention. Even right now I’m trying to brainwash you into thinking that I know brainwashing yourself better. I’m especially brainwashing myself into thinking I can.

But I don’t know. I’ve done ancient mind-cleansing activities the west frowns upon, I’ve ignored I was being brainwashed, I sat in one place and didn’t talk to anyone for ten days. Then I realized that the enlightened mind – whatever that means for you – isn’t free from brainwashing. It’s about running a better program.

like this, but more fun

When the whole world is actively brainwashing you, you need to run the biggest campaign of them all. Control what neural connections are being blasted into your mind. It’s time to run your own MK Ultra on your mind. Choose Your Own Brainwash!

  1. Kill the news. The only stuff worth reading is on sites that look like they aren’t worth reading. Or from people with a vested interest in the truth. Investment sites – not fear mongers trying to sell you newsletters – who have skin in the game are good. What news is actually useful for you today? Chances are the only useful stuff has to do with your industry. So look at those specific places. If you want an overall of “holy shit!” events happening in the world, I love reddit.
  2. Read the opposite. I brainwash myself with books all the time. They are so convincing. Sometimes I can’t see the other side, so I have to find someone else to do it.
  3. Have a couple minutes of complete awareness. See how beautiful it is to brainwash yourself into being unbrainwashed. Run the perfectly clean program for just a few seconds. I wrote about six ways you probably already did this today and how you could focus for a bigger impact.
  4. Write a stream of consciousness. There is no better way to prove your thinking mind’s insanity to yourself. To show you what you actually think. 500 words. It takes fifteen minutes and you will see exactly how your mind is programmed. Never stop moving your fingers. If you can’t think anything then write, “I have nothing to write” and prove yourself wrong.
  5. See the responsibilities you assume. What is pulling at you while you read this? What obligations do you feel when you’re around that person? When you’re by yourself?
  6. Where are you supposed to be right now? (BONUS1!)Physically, mentally, emotionally, whereverly. Why?
  7. Read Emerson’s Self-Reliance. (BONUS2!)Oh GAWD what an essay. Here is my highlighted version you can read in five minutes.
  8. Everything else. (BONUS3!)Everything is a brainwashing. Be the brainwash you wish to be!

Everybody is brainwashing you. It’s because that’s what their brainwashing entails. I am very concerned about my brainwashing because ideals are slippery. Brainwashing occurs immediately and over time. Some I feel immediately right in my face. Others, the more sinister kind, are slow and creep through my soul and I can’t even see them until I’ve written a thousand consciousness streams or stopped all thoughts for an hour.

Sometimes the New World Order Illuminati triangle is blasting rays into my brain. Sometimes it’s my family. Sometimes it’s my laziness. Sometimes it’s caffeine. Sometimes it’s pizza and sometimes it’s nutritious green powder. Sometimes it’s my nonsensical thought spiral and sometimes it’s a thoughtless clarity.

Once we see what program we boot up we can feel if it’s worth running. If not, then fuck that couch. Let’s get Neo. Six billion The One’s were born and then forgot how easy the whole thing is.

they died so easy once he Knew