very pleased with the first google image for ‘bulshitter’s delight’

I’ve never seen this poem before in my life, but I wrote it. The thing that is so fun about poetry is I temporarily lose my mind. The pen just moves and I have no idea what’s happening on the paper. So I don’t have a great memory for a lot of the poems. When compiling the book this morning I came across this one and it struck me as a ‘welcome to the world this morning!’ message. So – welcome to the world this morning! So many infinities of things are happening right now as you read this. Then go back to Facebook. So many things happening that could kill you or promote you or love you. More things that you’ll never know about.


there is no need

to make it mean

or make it need

or make it neat

just make it real

make it feel

pull back the peel

and let it reel

so fuck a fuck

with all your might

no goal in mind

no end in sight

‘cause now is how

time flows thru shit

and meaning is

manufactured consent

and purpose is a

feeling not a law

and titties are yummy

for the old and the small

and water flows

and so do rocks

through other times

and other types

and fuckers hype

to make their luck

and hosers hose

and sayers say

to make it through life

make it through the day

and bakers bake

and humans live

but really it’s all

the livers that live

eyes see stuff

but not a lot

only a few rays are caught

we see what we want

we don’t what we won’t

seeking is refusing the sought

a storm is coming

it always is

a fuck is given

it’s why we live

a shit is shat

a love is made

a god is found

or finds a maid

a kid gets laid

generation restart

a whore gets paid

and feeds a mouth

maybe she’ll get

her face on a rock

that’s the golden ticket

to winning the world

to fight some rocks

and leave your mark

we forget a blink forgets

forgotten lots

shoulda smoked more pots

shoulda been more nows

shoulda fucked more means

shoulda embraced the dean

they call it absurd

assume it’s a turd

but it’s got beauty

in it’s formless pee

it’s got heart in

it’s little left knee

it’s got soul

in it’s little wee-wee

but it’s got none of those

stuck in boze

fucked in hose

what the shit

sense not made

cents not paid

left on the table

of Bullshitter’s Delight