It feels so good to get naked so I set up a website where I put snapshots of my nakedness. Three in the morning and three at night – every and all nights. I didn’t have the balls, or wiener, to post pictures of my bare body so instead I’m posting snapshots of my soul. MY NAKED SOUL! Poems, fucking weird collections of words that my soul puked up at some point in time. By stripping down the soul we are going to get So Fucking Zen!

So many nudeynakeys!

Their are all sorts of pukings – inspiring, digging soulward, finding The Who, perception. The only poet I’ve read much of is Dr. Seuss so I don’t know what other people put in poetry. Except for hip hoppers and their swagger and such. I honestly don’t even know what I talk about. You never know exactly what you’ll puke.

A nice lady talked about the importance of vulnerability – nakedness of the soul – at TEDxHouston (and now has a great talk on shame).

It’s hard to be naked around other people if you can’t be naked with yourself. Maybe bare skin is a part of it but I bet there are plenty of porn stars who use physical nakedness to bury their Selves. What does this even mean? I don’t know. But If you try to write a poem or draw or write a story or sing or express yourself in any way I think you can get a little more nakeder.

Let’s get naked together. Let’s touch souls. Let’s find that they are the same one. LET’S GET SO FUCKING ZEN GOSH DARNIT!@_()*E(^)%(@^$@!!# ((((CLICK HERE TO GET SO FUCKING ZEN ON YOUR WEB BROWSER AND IN YOUR CONSCIOUS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))