Or you could just brush your teeth

Meditation is rarely as big as a 10 day commitment and doesn’t mean you must be in the lotus position. The point of meditation is to be aware of your thoughts. You’ve already done at least ten meditations today.

I used to tell people who want to get into meditation to sit down for one minute and then add a minute every day until you get to an hour. But even that’s too much sometimes. We need a lower barrier to Zentry! (Zen-entry! hahaha oh Kyle you clever boy.) So let’s start with what we already do.

The point is to focus on the thing you’re doing and recognize thoughts that come up. Decide you’ll deal with the thoughts after the activity. Then go back to it.

It’s easy to feel guilty for not solving problems when you’re sitting on the toilet. Is this just me? The best ideas come in a quiet mind, not one worried about something in the future. Sometimes less movement is more productive.

Pick one of these things or some other random activity and focus on it. Just do that thing when you do it. Then you will have started meditating. Just commit to focusing on that thing until it’s finished. Just feeling the sensations that activity provides while being aware when thoughts arise. The thing Buddha felt there was good in and science is starting to prove.

Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes. – Alan Watts

1. Brushing teeth – it’s weird to rub bristles on bones sticking out of your mouth. It feels minty. There are bubbles and stuff. There’s a bunch of weird things in there to feel about. I’ve never jammed my toothbrush into my gums while being aware of my brushing.

2. Washing dishes – as soon as you stop thinking about who else should be washing the dishes and wash them it can be fun. What crazy thoughts happen while rubbing porcelain.

3. Breathing – it’s one of the only body functions we can select manual or automatic for. It takes in invisible gas and let’s us live. You can feel the air going in. Deeper is better. That’s what she said!

4. Driving – we all have blackout periods where you don’t know how you got so far down the road. This is a perfect place to sit and see thoughts.

5. Eating – it’s good to taste food.

6. Shower – just focus on the water flowing. The soap and scrubbing. This is my favorite one. A good friend does it in the dark. Pay attention to the sensations.

There are tons of other ways you’ve started meditating today. At any point you can bring awareness to the activity you’re doing. You can be conscious of the auto-thoughts you have. In an instant you can be So Fucking Zen.