A dear-dear friend of mine and owner of RepAssured told me about a study done by a big-time-go-gett’em university on goals. They asked a group of students if they wrote down their goals. Then asked if they reviewed them each day. 1% of the students wrote down and reviewed their goals regularly. They found these kids all grown up and found that the 1% had something like 95% of the wealth of all the students questioned. We found the 1%!

That’s good, goals work. But sometimes, Frodo gets killed before he gets to Mordor. But what if I wrote my goal, reviewed it, visualized the heck out of it – then died? Which is a real possibility. Then I wouldn’t have finished building my castle and I would become soil – dust in the wind!

But that castle-goal wasn’t useless! A goal reviewed and cared about adds a certain weightiness to life. A sense of a mission. The only thing that really matters about a goal is what weight it adds to your life now. We’re stuck in this Nowever of experience and can’t prove anything outside of it. Our state of Now defines the aura we give our memories and fantasies of the future. That’s the only thing we can really see – a Then defined by Now.

The real test of a goal, then, is how much it pumps you up. I might get hit by an asteroid tonight. That would bring my chances of completing my goals to zero. But they’re still not worthless – they made the moment the asteroid hit a heavier, more purposeful (feeling) life to be in.  Some don’t do goals and have a great time.