Yesterday I told you about how I accidentally wrote a poetry book. Well it’s a morning and mornings are little rebirths we get to do every 24 hours. Just like the first six months of a baby-life, the first bit of our day informs the rest. Here’s some words for caffeinated goodness:

This first one is part of a poem I wrote for Hunter’s Congratulations You’ve Been Selected To Win Another Day On Planet Earth. Get a copy! He’s way generous in his Kickstarter.

get up and rise up
and fuck this day hard
it’s time for a loving
like none ever seen
a love-fuck supreme
take every moment
this one the most
and know it’ll make
for tomorrow’s toast
give don’t take
oh for god’s sake
put down your handbook
outrun the rules
keep going fast
one day this rise-up
will be your last

good morning!
born again!
let’s do something fun!
let’s run with the sun!
let’s build a doodad!
and something else
it’s a day to do
it’s brand-fucking-new
so burn it up
on purpose
not then

good morning or not
you’ve had your first thought
excite! what was it!?
your mind isn’t rot!

thank god for those things
infinite neural connections
things that make us human beings
what a glorious life-section

get up and go!
or sit here and breathe
whatever you sew
you shall receive

let yourself be
and do what you’ll do
you’re winning already
each day you’re born free

it’s a good day to be
it’s a good day to see
everything is in your ‘me’
we are all the big ‘g’

perspective is yours
to do what you will
it’s worth making sure
you don’t take their pill

they’ll tell you it’s hard
and we’re killing mother earth
the population is rotting lard
that your smile must search

but you know they’re wrong
so smile away
fuck shit up
and dive into a day

holy shit! i’m awake and alive!
more time in this human hive!
what a gift! thank you Something!
for this chance to thrive
for this time to sweat
for this breath

if today were it
would you spend time in regret?
would a grocery list make you fret?
would you watch snooki and friends?
if today were the day
you stopped doing life
would you hold others at a knife?
or accept them
and let them live theirs
correction is assumption of errors
if today were the end
what would you do?
i’d pet a dog
call my mom too