I always feel obligated. There are so many pressures and ‘shoulds’ and promises I made. They stack up so high and some get so subtle that it becomes impossible to do anything that I wasn’t obligated to do. I decided to start killing obligations. Bang boom kapow!

Is this really worth feeling anything?

You aren’t obligated to be on one side or the other. Every little girl feels the obligation to be that girl on Vogue. She hates herself because she’s not that alien with the blue eyes and boobs. Every Dove and mother in the world – fathers have been keeping quiet on this one – are outraged about this shit. It’s outrageous! People pay a lot of money to make you hate yourself enough to pay them to make you better. To close the gap between you and their carefully designed unreachable ideal. They use photoshop! It’s cheating! Bruce Willis’ girlfriend in Pulp Fiction said, “I don’t give a damn what men find attractive. It’s unfortunate what we find pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye is seldom the same.” You’re not obligated to look a specific way. But our two-party system of the fats and the skinnies is destroying any real  constructive body-discourse. The whole world demonizes the too-beautiful magazine people. BUT GOD DAMNIT THEY ARE PEOPLE TOO! Just because you’re not obligated to look like them doesn’t mean you’re obligated to be fat. Fat isn’t a fun way to live if you like moving much. The important piece is you’re not obligated to hate the other people. You don’t need an opinion on what is a morally correct body type. It’s less useful than your political opinion, which is worth essentially null.

Cut off their legs!

You have no obligation to have a strong political stance. Political opinions are known to kill people apart. They don’t tear. They kill them apart. I don’t even know what this means. You have your foundation. Now throw some sentences that agree with your steadfast morals you valiant defenders of X Y and Z! Don’t question “your” candidate! Support the fucking Troop! What other object do you own – besides Blieber – that you watch shit on your keyboard and defend his act? How many times do you need to be shocked to find your candidate is doing zero of the things he said he would. Barack Obama and George W Bush, on paper, look like fucking twins. Obama the more vibrant, more aggressive brother. How many times do you need to watch Democrats and Republicans do the same thing in office before you realize they are fucking your couch!? I’m not even saying  =^*+- VOTE RON PAUL 2012 – +*^= which I would really like to, I’m just saying you’re not obligated to get pissy about your political belief. It matters zero. This is only a microscopic exaggeration. PDiddy and other celebrity geniuses will tell you to vote or die, because voting is your lifeblood. If you actually wanted to make a difference with a vote then you would look at your community candidates and vote for them. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning twice than your vote counting in a presidential election. You’re not obligated to defend your puppet of choice and hate the others who love the more stupider puppet.

There is no cosmic obligation to live. Every moment you live you are choosing it. Just by breathing in you choose life. You deny the death that is available to you at any instant. No matter why you think you’re choosing life, you can’t argue with the fact that you are, and that’s cool. On that basic level your life is an affirmation of itself. I like to say I eat because it’s good but I really do it because I like living. I like breathing. I like headaches and suffering and everything else enough to keep putting food in my mouth. That’s pretty liberating – you’re existence in this and every moment – in the ever present Nowever – is an automatic “yes” to life. No matter the suckage surrounding you, you have at least one check box saying “fuck yeah, I’m here”. From that one check box the rest are possible. All potential is sitting in that single check. And you have no obligation to check it. But you do out of your own freeish will, in every moment, and that’s beautiful.

Love your job

If just for today

You’re not obligated

To boost your pay

Or feed your face

It’s a privilege to

Be here

Existing on Earth

Born free

We self-enslave

Remember each breath

Is the choice of Life

You start out ahead

Privileged strife



You have no obligation to correct anybody else’s thinking. If you think you have the right way of thinking I think you need to stop thinking about it and see how wrong you could be. When I turn my ideas on their head – when I turn myself on my head – I can see where ‘right’ things become wrong. Then when I look real close – or even more upside down – I can see the fuzziness of right and wrong and start to just see Life. It’s not my obligation to get pissed off and prove to you that a free market system has never been tried and is actually the most humane economic system possible (obviously haven’t fully recovered from this one). I don’t convince anyone of anything, I just get pissed and piss other people off. Overall, lower quality of life. There is a difference between demonstrating ideas and bashing people with logic sticks.

Hug it for YOU not for her… she cares Zero.

You have ZERO obligation to the Earth – it’s your planet. People who get off to Al Gore and his green economies like to make everyone feel like a piece of shit because they are killing Mother Earth. She’s Mother Earth because she birthed us. Great Grandmother Universe did too. Through their shaking up and whatever they do they created us. Some superior meat sacks with neurons that tell us we have consciousness and love and stuff. (That’s not a scientifically sound statement.) MOTHER NEVER DIES! You can’t fuck with Mama Earth. We can nuke the fuck out of each other, we can pile landfills to the moon (no we can’t), we can pour toxic wastes everywhere, we can abuse the shit out Earth and she won’t care at all. We set off a bunch of nukes and cockroaches are cool. Life goes on. Environmentalists act like they are obligated to protect the planet, they are protectors of everything non-human. Protecting a beautiful forrest is a selfish act. Tree huggers are selfish. Yeah, dumping sludge into the ocean is a jerk move but I want the ocean healthy for me and my friends. I’m not arrogant enough to think Earth gives a shit.