There is a popular notion that we are given life. So we’re born with a debt. This goes beyond the Catholic idea of original sin. We aren’t given life. We are life. There is no ultimate obligation. You will go around lifeing until the day you die. And you can’t be separate from that life.

“This is your life, you only get it once, use it up!” But I’m not separate for my life, so I can’t have it in the way that I can have a girlfriend or a car. You are not some ego that has attached itself to a life. Your ego is a piece of life. Your thoughts and actions and feelings are all pieces of the life that is you.

When we understand this, we can stop dividing our beings. We can stop pitting our Self against our Self and creating false divisions. We can achieve the fluidity that is life naturally. The fluidity that can’t be stopped or grasped. Understanding that we are life means understanding that we are just as much death. We, Life, spawned from Death and will return when we’re done lifeing.

When we understand that we are life then we know that death is nothing.