I solicit a lot of advice. If somebody is winning at something I’d like to know why. The thing about getting advice from the winner (as opposed to somebody who studies how they win) is that it usually isn’t advice in the positive, but the negative.

Asking for advice from someone may be the best way of revealing their regrets. You have no idea how many married men have told me, “Get with as many chicks in college as you possibly can.” I’m not saying it’s bad advice, but they sure as hell aren’t spreading their seed (hopefully…). Advice should only be taken as a positive ‘do this!’ if you can see evidence of that advice being used in the other person’s life.

Then there’s the hypocritical advice. A fatass may be giving you dieting advice or a virgin may be giving you girl advice. Just because they can’t follow their own advice doesn’t make it bad. In fact, a fat man may have better dieting information than a guy in shape because he has more incentive to research diets.

Chances are a guy who’s ripped will give you better workout advice than a fatty and that a billionaire businessman will have better business sense than a franchise owner, but you should still think about what they tell you. The point is that just  someone’s suckness or awesomeness doesn’t dictate the quality of advice they can bestow upon you.