People seem to think political apathy is our nation’s “kiss of death”.  Kids don’t care about the news or what’s happening in Washington.  They aren’t interested in what legislation is being passed that will affect them and their families.  People don’t want to, and shouldn’t have to, worry about what their government is doing.  We are supposed to live in a republic, our Constitution is supposed to protect us from the government.  For this reason I think political apathy not only okay, but people are right to be indifferent about politics.

You shouldn’t have to worry about some guy a thousand miles away voting away a third of your paycheck (ie, voting you into slavery for a thirty percent of your working life).  Who gives a fuck what “party” has control of Congress or the Whitehouse?  They are all there to protect your rights according to the Constitution.  Except they aren’t.  They are there to get reelected.  There is a reason for all the jokes about lying politicians and inefficient government, they’re true. Politics has truly become the

most sinister game in town.They’ve managed to pit one half of the country against the other, convincing both sides that each side is totally different and that the other side are the bad guys.  Celebrities eat this shit up.  Diddy wants you to “Vote or die”, then we have Oprah and Warren pronouncing that Obama walks on water.  They do a great job at killing political apathy.  Once every four years everyone cares about “politics”, everyone runs around spouting some bullshit they heard their favorite CNBC hero on the tele.

Because everyone is on edge ready to defend their party they forget about the only thing that really matters – their freedoms. Why do you love your party? Some people love Democrats because they think they’re mortgages and gas will magically be paid for; others love them because they think they should be able to smoke marijuana or that gays have rights.  Some love Republicans because they think they’ll be more safe if we spend another few hundred billion dollars on soldiers overseas pissing off the world, or maybe they like the idea of forcing their Christian values on the rest of the world.  Other Republicans like the idea of being able keep the money they earn and value their second amendment right. If we had any kind of respect for one another we would see that these things shouldn’t even be issues. Politics shouldn’t be concerned with such personal issues, only maximizing the freedom of the people.  We need people to be apathetic to these kind of back and forth games.  Political apathy is a good thing.

What we can’t afford is apathy about freedom. If you support self ownership and personal responsibility, you shouldn’t sit by and watch your freedoms being stripped. Someone who sits by indifferently while their Constitution is burned to the floor has a problem. It’s people that vote for politicians that bribe them with their own money, make contradictory promises, and destroy entrepreneurship that have brought us to this point in the U.S. If a politician taxes a company out of your area, it’s not a matter of politics, that’s effecting your life directly. There’s something wrong about paying a cop to sit behind a tree and jerk off until he decides to harass you.

We really do need to transcend politics.  And by necessity we are. It’s about freedom, liberties. It’s not about the right or wrong way to manage a population; it’s about a population of individuals who manage their own affairs. It’s about political apathy and caring intensely about your right to your life.