"Dam your effort Hum0n!"

Pure laissez faire capitalism is often thought of as a chaotic system where businessmen do their best to fuck over everyone else.  When in fact this kind of capitalism is obedient to natural law and is therefore the most orderly economic system.

Metaphor time!

A stream of water moving down a mountain doesn’t stop any longer than it needs to.  Gravity pulls it down the mountain as quickly as possible.  No tree, rock, or any other natural force stops the water until it gets where it needs to be.  That’s a lot like capitalism, when people are free they put their energies where it is most profitable for them – financially and otherwise.  Supply and demand makes sure that people will be guided to do what they need to do to best serve themselves and the community.

Zeus decides he knows better than Gravity and starts throwing lightning bolt dams all over our mountain to divert the water where he wants it to go.  Our loving Zeus thinks he’s doing what’s best for the stream but he’s really just fucking its shit up.  The stream is being spread too thin, it’s being sent places that it’s not really needed or where it can’t be used.  The stream is also too thin in some areas so evaporates and becomes useless.

This doesn’t have to be Commy-Zeus or Marxist-Zeus or Obama-Zeus or even Mixed-Economy-Zeus.  This is any Zeus that does anything besides watching his stream and making sure that other people don’t throw up dams or blow up his stream.

Pure laissez faire capitalism allows human energy to be directed where it can best be used.  No bubble or serious collapse can occur when incentives are the natural ones of capitalism.  If you look at the causes of any of these events in history you will see that the fundamental cause was some government trying to direct the stream of human effort in the wrong way.