Throughout history religion has been the cause and excuse for more bloodshed than anything else.  To be truly religious requires blind faith.

In most instances I think this faith is a negative.  It is this kind of blind faith in leaders that has led us to the shit show that is the state of US politics/economics/morality.  Blind faith allows suicide bombers to justify their actions.  Blind faith allows any religion to demand anything of their followers.  This kind of blind faith is a powerful force.  Faith allows a person to continue on in some direction no matter what obstacles they encounter.  That is why I think so many people thank God for their accomplishments.  Of course they wouldn’t be able to achieve any real success without the assistance of some great entity.  There are very few people in the world who can find this kind of faith in themselves, in humanity.

Faith is generally a good thing.  You need to be able to have complete faith in your ability to attain and attract what you want or you won’t get it.  But things get dangerous when you don’t understand your faith, when someone else directs your faith.

So Religious faith

+ can provide the extra umph needed

– isn’t always (or usually) directed properly