Gimme my bottle, bitch

I’ve been wondering why kids are so attracted to gang culture.  Honestly, why is Lil Wayne cooler than Bill Gates?  Wayne sings and does drugs while Gates changed the face of computing and has made life a lot better for all of us (even apple fanboys).  Somehow, it became cool to be a thief, murderer, constantly in some alternate reality, sell illegal drugs, and basically lead a very shitty life.

My idea is that rappers and gang culture have become so popular because of our government’s “War on Drugs”.  My logic goes like this:

The supply of drugs is greatly reduced because they are illegal.  When the demand for something exceeds the supply of it prices increase, and the ‘honest’ supply is zero.  This is what creates the wild margins that drug dealers enjoy.  Most gangs run on drug money.  The population is attracted to easy money (get rich schemes, internet bubble, real estate bubble).  Gangs thrive, gangsters get rich.  Rappers, already rich, tell the gangster story over and over and over and over until you can’t help but want to get a chain and shoot a bitch.

I just made a very short, very incomplete argument.  What do you think?

This is just one more example of the blow back of our government’s actions.  By banning drugs they give huge amounts of power and wealth to gangs, which translates into culture via rap.  Under a government that truly nurtured liberty and personal freedom (ie would not enter ‘wars’ against substances that cannot be controlled. ie would not start a “War on Drugs”) this gangster culture would be immediately wiped out and replaced with a more productive ‘cool’.  Although entrepreneurship has enjoyed an increase in acceptance and even a badass factor in the last 20 to 30 years, it’s still trumped tween vampires and thugs.  A lot of people don’t think a working person can be looked at as a hero because, “Hey, it’s a job.”  Remember that it wasn’t long ago when pilots enjoyed celebrity status.