This is one of more sad videos I’ve seen in a while.  On Cinco de Mayo four high schoolers wearing American flags were told they need to either turn their shirts inside out or leave school.  Just watch…

Before I say anything else – I am all for immigration, I think it should be extremely easy to enter America and gain citizenship (in the absence of our absurd welfare programs anyway).  I just think it’s very odd how so many people leave their country for a better life in America and then shit on the very country providing them with a that lifestyle.  Not only do they have more freedom and safety from gangs here, but they also enjoy sucking the tit of our welfare systems.  In 2001, 34% of legal Mexican immigrants and 25% of illegal Mexican immigrants are on some type of welfare.  This is compared to 15% of natives.  Even Mexican immigrants who have been in the US for 20 years or more use welfare twice as much as natives.

It’s not like these kids were wearing “Go Home” or “Go Mow a Lawn” or “Muck Fexico” or “Cinco de Mayo isn’t even a real holiday, retard”.  They were wearing the flag of their country.  This is just another example of our apologetic state of mind. It’s worse than being politically correct, it’s a feeling of guilt for being an American in the presence of others.  Why else would the principal force them to hide the symbol of their country?  It’s their day, let them celebrate their country without you poisoning it with that. Even one of the parents of a kid who wore a flag made sure that everyone knew, “Please know, the students were not making a political statement.”

But wait, Cinco de Mayo doesn’t even fucking matter in most of Mexico! What!?  Yeah, it is a minor holiday in Mexico that Americans have popularized because they like Mexican beer.  From Wikipedia:

It is celebrated primarily in the state ofPuebla and in the United States.[4][5][6][7] While Cinco de Mayo sees limited significance and celebration nationwide in Mexico, the date is observed nationwide in the United States and other locations around the world as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride.[8] Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day,[9] the most important national patriotic holiday in Mexico.[10]

Teresa Corona (most ironically hilarious name ever) made the very valid point that, “On the Fourth of July you don’t see Hispanic students going down to the parade wearing nothing but Hispanic flags.”  That’s right.  Just like you don’t see a bunch of Americans running around around in Mexico City on Mexico’s Independence Day – you know, the one that matters.

I want to be extremely clear, I don’t hate immigration or Mexicans.  I do think these kinds of demonstrations encourage the racism that many feel toward the Mexican people.  I also feel that it is our government that creates this kind of hatred for the most part.  The ridiculous nanny welfare programs that we have set up make it extremely easy for people to talk about how immigrants are draining our programs.  America was built on immigrants seeking a better life. It was not built on immigrants seeking welfare. The majority of immigrants coming to the US want to work and are willing to do so at a lower wage than most American workers.  This is a good thing; but not when the government, and therefore we, subsidize that work.  If the welfare programs weren’t available, nobody would be able to survive at those wages and therefore the companies would have to offer a higher wage.  Once again, it is the government’s reaction that is the real problem and not what we think the problem is.

This post has been a pretty unfocused rant and I haven’t covered anything in true detail.  Hopefully I’ve made a couple points though:

  • Making a kid hide anything at school is absurd – making him hide an American flag is absurd.
  • Cinco de Mayo is not a major holiday, except in America.
  • Teresa Corona is the most joyfully ironic name ever.
  • Immigrants, for the most part, aren’t the real issue.  The issue is our altruistic philosophy and the resulting government’s nanny laws.


This girl is a little late, just 160 years though.  Not to mention she sure as hell wouldn’t have wanted to live there when Mexico owned it…

Sorry, this hasn't been your homeland since 1850