Those Bastards

One of the favorite ideas of liberals and anti-capitalists is that Capitalism is dog eat dog, it pits individuals against each other.  They like to paint this picture of capitalistic competition as a couple fat winners raping and pillaging the lives of the poor.  Not only is this statement completely wrong historically, it just doesn’t make any fucking sense.  I’m not talking about putting it under a microscope and dissecting it to find a minuscule flaw in th system.  I’m talking about blatant nonsensical liberal fairyland speak.

Capitalism MUST create creative, productive competition.  Socialism MUST create destructive, brutish competition.  In order for the capitalist to survive he has to produce something that creates value to the public.  He has to create so much value that the public will be willing to pay enough for the product that he makes a profit.  In order to benefit in a socialist system you must produce less than those around you.  It strips away all incentive to produce and at the same time demands that you support everyone’s life except for your own.  You cannot win in honest work, you must learn how to take the most from the system.  You win by taking more out of the pool of goods.  This, of course, does not apply to those in the inner circle.  There will be those few BFFs that pleasure each other with the good produced by the ‘public’.

The pool of goods in the socialist system MUST be smaller than in the capitalist system because there is no incentive to make anything.  There’s no incentive to innovate, create, or help your neighbor.

America’s billionaires are looked at like a problem to be dealt with.  Something must be done about the increasing gap between the wealthy and the poor!  Nobody seems to consider HOW these men won their billions.  Bill Gates changed the face of computing and indirectly contributed to the creation of trillions of dollars of wealth.  Warren Buffet has created billions of dollars in wealth for investors; not to mention building great American companies.  Every billionaire in a capitalist system has to create much more wealth than he takes for himself.  This means that our billionaires, our “Robber Barrons”, have been some of the single most important men in bringing our standard of living to where it is.

I probably use the term ‘socialist’ too much.  Many of the misplacements of incentives that I talk about can show up very easily in a mixed economy like ours.