This is one of the funnier bumper stickers I see on the road.  Usually, the person driving the car hates both men and Christians.  Beyond that, it sticks Muslims, Christians, and Jews all together and says, “Get along.”  Any good Christian knows that he has chosen the righteous path and knows that all others are destined for hell.  Any good Muslim following the Koran knows he must rid the world of infidels.  And every man knows that he’ll be destroyed upon marriage.  The ultimate irony here is that the same faith in religion (you know, the kind that doesn’t require critical thinking) is the same faith used to believe that these religions could coexist.

This sticker is just another example of people’s fantastical beliefs in physical form.  This same departure from reality is linked to entitlement issues in the US.  “Everyone deserves health care” is something only somebody refusing to ask “why?” or “how?” could say.  The same question obviously was not asked when designing this bumper sticker.