I had a shitty experience the other day but got something worth talking about out of it.  A guy tried to dock me $100 on a job I did because he didn’t think it was up to par (after reading some of the other articles on the site I can tell you it was definitely better than a lot of the crap on the site.)  No discussion, no email, just a check for $650 instead of $750.

I emailed the guy telling him about the ‘misprint’.  Of course, he emails me back telling me my work was crap and he didn’t think I deserved full payment.  Usually, I’d just say, “Fuck it, it’s not even worth it.”  But I kept getting an uneasy feeling.  I delivered, there’s nothing wrong with collecting on what you’ve done.

Anyway, he’s sending the check for the remainder and I’ve learned a couple good lessons.  Doing good work gives you a proper feeling of entitlement to your payment.  And always get a contract…