the other day in my film class we took a quiz. There were two yes/no questions and I forget what they are. Essentially, the point was that a lot of people are “racially insensitive”. I tested as racially insensitive because I have neve worried about my skin color holding me back and because I think I’ve missed out on scholarships because of my skin color. My teacher then went on to tall about how terrible racial insensitivity is.

“Racial insensitivy leads to racism.” No, racial sensitivity leads to racism. A racially insensitive boss won’t give a fuck about skin color but about the skill of the individual. A racially sensitive boss will care about diversity and will therefore look at the color of a person’s skin as a hiring point.

This is the reason why programs like affirmative action are not only racist but also promote racism. Affirmative action, by definition, states that minorities cannot earn jobs on their own. They need a handicap. At the same time, it gives memebers of the majority a chip on their shoulder. For instance, some members of the majority will not be given positions they deserve because of affirmative action. The fact that these situations exist, even of just a small amount, gives rise to a huge amount of contempt from the rest of the majority. Most members of the majority who lose to minorities will lose because they were justly beat. However, the existence of affirmative action gives these “just losers” a copout – “they were [insert skin color here]”.

Racism is ignorance and as long as minorities and majorities are treated differently under the law it will never die. Let’s Colbert it and get color blind.