Just summed it up from here
1 Assume everyone has ADD
-entertain audience quickly
2 Spend most time on first 10 pages
3 Write roles to attract movie starts
4 Write economically
-don’t ‘overwrite’
-verbose stage direction
-‘one the nose’ dialogue- don’t spell everything out
5 Make sure every character has a unique voice
-don’t make characters too familiar.
-make quirks/unusual traits
-make character grow thru story
-make everything difficult thru journey
6 Understand your audience
7 Know youre three-act structure
-page 10 should be done with main char intro
-end of act 1 should know where story is going
8 Be aware of theme, and keep it consistent
9 Watch/rewatch good movies similar to your story
10 know what hero wants (goal), what happens if he doesn’t get it (stakes), amd who/what is preventing him from getting what he wants (villain)
11 leave them wanting more