It seems to me that equality movements often work for inequality. Many times instead of seeking ‘equality’ they seek ‘equality plus some’. Tax breaks and special rules for Indian reservations would be examples of this.

For instance:

Affirmative action policies are the most obvious examples I can think of. They not only discriminate against the majority, but also against the minorities that they were put in place to help. An affirmative action policy says that a member of a minority should be hired/accepted/chosen over a member of a majority even if the member of the majority is better suited for the position. The more deserving candidate is punished by being robbed of a job. This policy also assumes that minorities are less intelligent or able than members of the majority and need a special law to make sure they can get a job or into college- that seems more offensive than anything. An affirmative action policy is not in place to call a minority less able obviously, but the fact that it exists is enough to prove that point. The beneficiaries of affirmative action policies should be furious.

People hiring employees, accepting kids into college, or drafting for their sports team for the most part don’t give a shit about race/sex. They care about performance and ability. No boss in their right mind would hire an under-performer because of race. No football coach would draft based on race either (imagine having an Asian quota for NFL teams).