There have been a lot of articles about Ayn Rand’s “secret life” recently. The reason for this is the release of a biography “Ayn Rand and the World She Made”. I haven’t read the book and don’t plan to. My main reason for this is that the biographer used Rand’s lover (I can’t remember his name) who she later shunned as a main source for information. Rand did cause pain in his life, so I can’t imagine many completely objective memories.

That is all fine, I don’t mind a biographer getting different viewpoints on a subject. What bothers me is that in most of the articles I’ve read, they are trying to undermine Rand’s philosophy because of how she lived. Ayn Rand, like everyone else, was a hypocrite. This should have no effect on anyone’s thoughts about Objectivism. If you subscribe to Objectivism then (hopefully) you did so based on your reasoning and the ideas presented- not based on Ayn Rand as a person.